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Okai, so I just watched this movie 'Under the Skin'. It was interesting....
To be honest, the only reason I watched it was because my sister said Scarlett Johansson was naked in it. And, boy, was she right!
But seriously tho, this film confused me. But I'm glad I hung in 'til the end. They filmed it in Scotland, which I thought was quite interesting in itself, cuz (if you know the UK) shit will go down.
Although this movie confused the poop outta me and my nose is bleeding, it's worth the watch. Just...stay 'til the end, your mind will most likely blow.
#WARNING - there is nudity. Like...tits, arse, pussies and erect penises. Also, there is sex and rape seen....
But still, a REALLY cool, fucked up movie!

“I really like you!” the girl yelled at me. She was blushing like mad as she offered me a small box. The bell hadn’t even rang for first period and this was like the fifth confession I’d received this morning. I’ll never understand girls...

    I had to let her down easy.

    “Um...” I began, “sorry, but I like someone else.” Obviously I didn’t. There’s no way that could’ve been possible. I was too focused on sports to worry about relationships and girls or any of that stuff.

    The look on the girl’s face was priceless. She looked as though her favourite band had just split up. Without even saying a word, she barged past me and headed straight towards the exit of the library. Didn’t go as well as I was hoping.

    However, there was only one problem. How do I get out of here? It would’ve made sense to have just followed the girl, but I wasn’t really paying attention. I’m an ass guy, you see.

    A shrill shriek sounded from a few bookcases down. It was clearly a female’s. Maybe a book had dropped on her head. Letting out a low chuckle, I went to investigate.

    The sight I saw astonished me. It was that quiet nerdy chick that everyone avoided! The poor girl was trying to reach for a book on the top shelf. Making the quick calculation that she would definitely cause the entire row of books to collapse, I decided to help her.

    Reaching up with ease, I took a hold of the book that she was attempting to get. I glanced at the title and accidently read it out loud, “How to flirt with your crush.”

    The girl’s face glowed bright pink as she snatched the book from my grip. “T-Thank you...” she spoke so softly it was almost impossible to hear.

    “You’re welcome!” I claimed with pride. “I’m Brendon Coleman,” I introduced.

    “I-I know who you are. You’re the captain of the football team. Your twin brother is Taylor Coleman. You’re twenty minutes apart from birth and you’re older,” the girl said fluently, clutching the book close to her chest.

    Whoa, this girl’s been doing her homework, I thought. I’m surprised she knows a lot about me.

    “I’m sorry, I’m rambling!” she yelled and ran from the library.

    Staring and watching her leave, I said to myself, “What I say?”


    Eventually, I found my way out of the library. Missed two periods, but who cares? They weren’t exactly important. Anyway, I got outside and into the corridor. Students were rushing up and down the tiled floor, eager to get their break-time snack. Pressing my back against the wall, I side-stepped to prevent myself from being trampled on.

    I got closer to the exit. I saw the light of the outdoors. Yes! I thought. Almost there!

    One step away from the doors, an ear-splitting scream caused my entire body to freeze. The idea hit me that the scream belonged to that girl I helped in the ‘book room’. Instinct taking over, I ran towards the continuous sound.

    It took approximately two minutes before I came into view of quite a tall man towering over what appeared like...a cat? No. A human cat.

    “Hey!” I yelled at the peak of my lungs. “Leave her alone!” It felt like a volcano was erupting inside me. God, I felt like murdering this punk!

    “And what are you gonna do if I don’t?” the man growled, turning so I could see his face. My eyes widened as I recognised who it was.

    Logan - the school bully. He’s famous in town for picking on the ones smaller and weaker than himself. I remember one time I was walking down the street, returning from my weekly food shop, and I saw him pushing this group of little kids around. There must have been five or six of them, all about eight years of age. Poor kids didn’t even see that truck coming when they went to retrieve their ball.

    Logan’s a first-class jerk!

    “You don’t wanna know,” I answered, my words trembling. Was this fear or anger? Even I didn’t know.

    “Is that a threat I hear?” A menacing grin spread across that evil, scarred face of his.

    “It’s a promise,” I dared, sounding more confident than I felt. “Let the girl go.” For the first time of being here, I glanced down at the shaking figure. It was that girl I helped! She had tear stains tracing down her cheeks. Her eyes were as wide as plates as she stared up at us. Two brown, fluffy ears were popping out of her head and a long tail, decorated in the same colour, spread out of her butt.

    “A neko...” I murmured quietly. I thought those things were mythical.

    Suddenly, a large, hard fist pushed itself into my face, knuckles pressed to my jaw. Gasps sounded from all around as I spat out blood.

    “Aren’t you supposed to be the captain of the football team?” Logan let out an irritating cackle. “Pay attention to your surroundings!”

    My inner volcano had reached its optimum limit.

    Punching his gut with all the strength I could muster, he stopped his horrid laughter and doubled over in pain.

    “I’ll see you after school in the bike-shed. Good’ll need it.” With a swift kick to his stomach, I threw him to the other end of the corridor and he scarpered like a spider running from water.

    As soon as Logan was out of sight and ear-shot, the throng of students erupted into cheers, saying things like, “You did it!” “What a show!” and “This deserves a celebration!”

    Ignoring the commotion, I pulled the neko-girl to her feet. “Are you okay?” I asked with immense concern. Why was I so worried about this girl? I barely know her!

    “Yes, I’m fine,” she stammered. “Thank you for saving me.”

    “You’re more than welcome. Nice ears, by the way.” Slowly and carefully, I leaned my hand against her left neko-ear and stroked it. The girl let out a high pitched squeak and backed away, holding both her ears protectively.

          “P-Please don’t touch them!” And just like that, the girl ran off, holding her ears as she went.

          “I’ll see you later then!” I yelled after her – if she could hear me. After a few seconds of staring after her, I realised that I was surrounded by nearly everyone in school. They were looking at me as if I was some sort of royalty. All I did was beat up Logan! He’s going to get a lot worse anyway...


Period four was double maths – every students’ hell! I mean, yeah, it’s okay and everything, I just don’t know what in the world the teacher was saying. I tried so hard to understand the inverse cosine rule, but nothing worked. So I gave up and shoved in my earphones, putting my music on a low volume as to not be heard by outsiders.

          I must’ve zoned out, because the next thing I knew it was lunch time. Yes! Finally, I get to eat, I thought as I rose from my seat.

          Suddenly, I was forced back down with a thump; my brother – Taylor – appeared in front of me. “I need help.”

          “Yeah, you do,” I said soundly. “Can I get some food?”

          “I accidently scheduled a date with three different chicks at the same time and at the same place,” Taylor stated, completely ignoring my question. “What do I do?!”

          “You’re really asking me for advice?” Although Taylor is younger, he’s a total pimp! He gets all the ladies just because he’s blonde. Apparently, ‘chicks dig that’. The fact that he was asking me – his older twin brother – for relationship advice bewildered me.

          “Yes,” came his answer.

          “I dunno, blow them off. Make an excuse so you can’t go. Say mum’s been rushed into hospital, you’ve got band practice, you’ve been called in at work!” I said, as a joke of course. But knowing Taylor, he’d take them all seriously. I once convinced him that Nelson Mandela was the original face of Uncle Bens. Man, that was a fun week.

          “Great idea!” Without saying another word, he rushed out of the classroom, presumably in hunt for those three girls.

          “Idiot,” I said softly as I rose up from my chair again. Hooking my arm through the strap of my bag, I waltzed out of classroom, only to be met by the chaotic river of students. As I breathe out a sigh, I struggled to manoeuvre my way through the throng of rushing people.

          It took me approximately three minutes to get to the cafeteria. As I lined up at the lunch queue to get some...interesting looking food, an intriguing sight caught my eye – that girl I saved was eating alone. I can understand why, too. I mean, she was just sitting there reading a book; it didn’t look like she had any friends.

          After my lunch was splat onto my plate, I nodded a ‘thank you’ and, being the good guy I am, sat opposite the lonely girl.

          “Yo,” was my greeting. She let out a sharp squeak and stuck her nose further into her book. “What you reading?” I asked.

          “Skulduggery Pleasant...” she stammered, not making eye contact at all.

          I tried desperately to make conversation. “It any good?” The girl just nodded. “What’s your name, by the way?” I questioned, shoving a fork-full of what I thought was pasta into my mouth.

          “Riley, Riley Mitchell.” She still seemed a little shaken up.

          “Pleased to meet you, Riley Mitchell.” I shot her my winning smile, only to be met with a slight glare. “So, um...” Now it was my turn to stutter. “We have a big game coming up against Coalhill. I was wondering if you’d like to come.” The entire cafeteria fell silent and all eyes were on me and Riley.

          Riley closed her thick, paperback novel and stood. She looked as though she was about to say something, but instead just ran off. I thought for a second if she felt like I was interrogating her.

          Breathing out a sigh of frustration, I shoved my face into the dry pasta in front of me, feeling like a total idiot.

          “Brendon!” came shill cry from beside me. I turned my head to the left, five pieces of bowtie pasta stuck to face, and saw the beaming smile from the head cheerleader, Celeste Ball. This chick has been trying to get with me since I became the captain of the football team.

          “What do you want, Celeste?” I said grudgingly. She bit her lip seductively and linked her arm with mine, sitting me back up properly. Don’t get me wrong, Celeste is fit! But she’s also a first-class whore.

          “If she doesn’t wanna go with you, I’ll happily support you to the game,” she said with a wink.

          “You’re gonna be there if I invite you or not.” Letting out another sigh, I shoved her off my arm and strolled out of the cafeteria, leaving her in bewilderment. I could just tell she was watching my ass as I left.


I spent my entire lunch hour on the field, kicking a ball around with my best friend, Johnny. He’s been my best friend since we were in nursery; we were practically brothers!

          “What do you think of that Riley chick?” he suddenly said, launching a power kick straight at me. The question caught me off guard and I was knocked to the ground.

          Coughing, and clutching my gut, I yelled, “What?” staring at him in astonishment.

          “You heard me,” Johnny grinned, not even helping me to stand. “She’s pretty cute, right?”

          “Never really looked,” I admitted. It was true – I was just interested in protecting her against that prick Logan. As payback, I set the ball down on the grass, took a few steps back and booted it right past Johnny and into the net behind. “7-5.”

          “Don’t lie to me,” Johnny chuckled, retrieving the ball with his foot. “You’ve totally been flirting with her. The whole school’s talking about it.” I swear, rumours in this school spread like wildfire. I watched as Johnny did a few impressive tricks.

          “You’re just jealous because I can talk to girls without choking.” I shot him a devilish smirk and he trips over the ball, landing face first into the lush grass. I couldn’t help but die with laughter.

          “That’s not cool, Brendon!” He threw the ball in my direction at top speed, but I simply just leaped into the air, flipped over and kicked the ball. It just skimmed past Johnny’s ginger hair and directly into the goal.

          “8-5,” I said as the bell rang, signalling the end of lunch.

          “I’m so getting you after school,” Johnny scowled as he picked up his bag.

          “No can do,” I confessed. “I got a fight with that bastard Logan.”

          “You need to stop getting into so many fights, Bren.” Johnny had that look in his eyes – that sympathetic sort of look. I could tell he was worried.

          “Trust me, bro.” I put my bag on my back and walked off the field and back into the school building. “This is nothing compared to what I’ve dealt with before.”

          “Brendon!” came that same irritating voice. I gave Johnny a ‘save me’ look, but he just grinned and kept walking.

          “See you in French.”

          Celeste, once again, hooked her arm with mine. “I saw you practicing.”

          “That’s nice,” I said.

          “You looked really hot.”

          “I was pretty sweaty, yeah.”

          “So very hot.” I could feel her hand slip into my back pocket and I tried my hardest to ignore it. “Wanna come over mine later?”

          “I’ve got things to do.”

          Celeste then gave my butt a light squeeze and I pushed her off me, losing it. “Will you quit flirting with me? I am not interested in you, okay? I never have and I never will!” Every pair of eyes were on us. “Just leave me alone and find someone else to be your toyboy.” And with that, I stormed off, the crowd splitting to gives some room for my rage.

Opposites Attract Chapter 1 - Popular vs Unpopular
This is a story I've been working on for some time now. It was inspired by my ex-girlfriend but I didn't wanna even look at it until I was over her completely.
I have yet to write a blurb as I have no idea what's gonna happen, although, I can tell you that the next chapter is called 'The Fight'.
Please let me know what you think in the comment - please no hate messages.
[  ] You have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
[X] You have your own room.
[X] You own a cell/mobile phone. (Everyone does...)
[  ] You have an mp3 player/ipod/discman.
[  ] Your parents are still married. (seperated...)
[X] You love your family (at times...)
[  ] There is a pool/spa in your backyard.
[X] You have a brother/sister. (Both)
Total : 4

[X] You dress the way you want to.
[X] You hang out with friends more than once a week. (school!!)
[X] There is a computer/ laptop in your room.
[X] You have never been beaten up.
[X] You are allowed to listen to the music you want to.
[X] Your room is big enough for you. (there's a lot of crap, but yeah, I guess...)
[X] People don't use you for something you have.
[X] You have been to the movies.
[X] You're well known in school.
Total: 13

[  ] You have over 500 friends on YouTube. (i don't have a YT accnt...)
[  ] You have pictures on Tumblr. (i don't have Tumblr either...)
[  ] Your parents let you have a Tumblr. (i don't want it!)
[  ] You get allowance/loan/pocket money. (i don't do anything to earn it)
[X] You collect something normal. (Magazines...)
[X] You look forward to going to college. (two more years of my life at some place i actually wanna be!)
[X] You don't wish you were someone else.
[  ] You play a sport.
[X] You want to do something after school/college. (gap year then uni)
[  ] You are normal. (that's debatable)
Total: 17

[  ] You own a car/truck. (I'm 16!)
[X] You usually don't fight with your parents. (all the freakin' time)
[  ] You have never got a failing grade on a report card in your life.
[X] You have friends. (duh...)
[  ] You've never had a detention.
[X] You have drank alcohol.
Total: 20

[  ] You know what is going on in the world.
[X] You are happy with your life.
[X] You usually aren't sick.
[/] You know more than one language. (fluently, or....)
[X] You have a screen name. (Dylan Fox)
[X] You own a pet. (11 cats...but i want a dog!)
[X] You know the words to more than 5 songs.
[  ] You don't have any enemies. (just a few bitches from school, y'know)
[X] You like to go out.
Total: 26.5

Overall: 26.5

42: A+
38-41: A
34-37: B
30-33: C
26-29: D
22-25: E
18-21: F
17- 0: F-
My Medusa Project Cast - The Set-Up by Pokemon10101
My Medusa Project Cast - The Set-Up
This is just my ideal cast for I think the characters should be if the series was ever made into a movie. Characters from other books will be uploaded when I get enough characters.

Nico Rafael - Nick Robinson (Jurassic Wold, Melissa and Joey)
Ketty Wilshere - Georgie Henley (Narnia)
Ed O'Brien - Dylan Everett (Wingin' it, Supernatural)
Dylan Fox - Victoria Justice (Victorious, Eye Candy)
Blake Carson - Christopher Eccelston (Doctor Who, The Others)
Fergus Fox - Ioan Gruffudd (San Andreas, Fantastic Four)
Geri Paterson - Scarlett Johansson (The Avengers, Lucy)
Jack Linden - Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy)

Lauren - Bella Throne (Shake it Up, The Duff)
Lola - Zandaya Coleman (Shake it Up, Zapped)
Tom - Andrew Garfield (The Amazinf Spiderman)
Mr Rogerson - Johnny Depp (PotC, Into the Woods)
Lex Wishere - Jamie Bell (mentioned) (Billy Elliot, Fantastic Four(renewed))
William Fox - Simon Pegg (mentioned) (Hot Fuzz, Worlds End)
Curtis - Freddie Highmore (The Spiderwick Chronicles)
Billy Martin - Lucas Till (Hannah Montana: The Movie, X-Men)

ps. I only got Bella and Zandaya cuz...well...they're always together, right? I think they'll suit them <^^'


Kissed someone: yes
Been Drunk: yes
Cried Myself to Sleep: Yes
Self harmed: yes
Felt lonely: yes
Been depressed: Yes
Smoked: No
damn, so close

Age: 16
Birthday: 12/12
Relationship status: single but crushing so hard!
Biggest fear: spiders..those bitches can die!
Dream Job: AUTHOR!
Dream Car: black bentley
Dream House: a family home...

Like someone: fuck yes
Love someone: fuck. yes
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: no...
Want a boyfriend/girlfriend: Yes, I want her back so bad!!
Have a tattoo: No
Have a piercing: I did
Party: lol, no way

Artist: don't really have one. I guess....Elyar Fox?
Movie: She's the Man!! Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes in the same movie!!! #FuckYes
Song: Changes daily
TV series: Doctor Who, duh
Animal: DOG!!
Book: The Medusa Project by Sophie McKenzie
Colour: TARDIS blue

Twitter or facebook: used to be Twitter...but Facebook
Twitter or Instagram: Insatram~!
Facebook or Instagram: Instagram
Coke or Pepsi: PEPSI!! Coke makes me feel sick...
Tea or Coffee: Tea~ #British!
Tacos or Pizza: ...what kind of pizza are we talking here?
Winter or summer: um...both, i guess? Winter cuz my birthday and christmas. Summer cuz it's just awesome!!

Get married: Yes
Have Kids: Yes. I want a daughter called Dylan!
Swim with sharks: ahahahahahaha. no
Share a banana: I'm allergic to bananas...
Eat rotten food:
Smoke pot: nobody calls it pot's WEED! and no, never. well, maybe. we'll see
Okai, so I just watched this movie 'Under the Skin'. It was interesting....
To be honest, the only reason I watched it was because my sister said Scarlett Johansson was naked in it. And, boy, was she right!
But seriously tho, this film confused me. But I'm glad I hung in 'til the end. They filmed it in Scotland, which I thought was quite interesting in itself, cuz (if you know the UK) shit will go down.
Although this movie confused the poop outta me and my nose is bleeding, it's worth the watch. Just...stay 'til the end, your mind will most likely blow.
#WARNING - there is nudity. Like...tits, arse, pussies and erect penises. Also, there is sex and rape seen....
But still, a REALLY cool, fucked up movie!


Pokemon10101's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: Punk/rock
Favourite word: Awesome
Favourite style of art: Manga
Favourite song: Black Magic - Little Mix
Favourite cartoon/Anime character: Sunset Shimmer
Favourite book character - Dylan Fox
Favourite Pairing: HitsuKarin - Toshiro & Karin
Personal Quote: don't hate, bae
No#1 guy crush - atm...Chris Evans. that sexy Captain America
No#1 girl crush - it will ALWAYS be Anna Kendrick

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