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Fluttershy - for Lucy by Pokemon10101
Fluttershy - for Lucy
I did this a while ago but only got round to actually taking a picture of it. I drew it for my friend Lucy. She's like....12 y/o
Still in love with both Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow~!
Best part is, I ship #Sendrick!

It was after school, and I was utterly knackered! All I wanted to do was go back home and sleep. Three double-lessons a day really drains the energy from one’s body.

          But wait. The fight.

          Breathing a sigh of annoyance, I trudged out of the front doors of school, where I’m met face-to-fist with Logan. I hunched over, hand on my split lip, in pain.

          “What the fuck, man?” I cried.

          “’sup, Mr. Captain,” said a voice above me that I immediately recognised as the bastard himself.

          “Piss off, you twat,” I murmured after spitting blood.

          “Now is that any way to speak to your equal?” Logan cooed, fake pouting at me. “You should have more respect for your peers, Coleman.”

          “You are not my equal nor my peer,” I said, standing strong. “You are the lowest of the low.” I was getting furious now.

          “How about we settle this off school grounds? You know, as to not arouse attraction,” Logan suggested smugly.

          “It’s a bit too late for that,” I said, indicating the enormous crowd that surrounded the two of us.

          There was a pause as Logan took a quick look around before saying, “fine with me,” and tackled me to the ground.

          We wrestled on the cold, hard concrete floor for a few minutes, then stood. Both of us had blotches of blood on our faces and I successfully gave Logan such a powerful right hook, his left eye was half closed with purple surroundings. Gasps flew around the radius of the crowd.

          “You positive you wanna do this here? There are cameras all over,” I said, panting for my breath.

          “Never stopped me before,” retorted Logan, throwing a punch in my direction. With my awesome reflexes as the football team captain, I raised my hand and blocked his attack with ease, twisting his arm behind his back.

          “Give up?” I questioned into his ear.

          “Never,” came his response. He then flicked his leg backwards, successfully crushing me ‘boys’. I released the punk and doubled over, holding my crotch. A chorused ‘ooh’ of sympathy echoed through the crowd as I winced in pain.

          At the corner of my eye, I saw that neko-girl – Riley – force her way to the front, most likely to see what all the commotion was about. Her hand flew up to her mouth. Tears threatened to spill from her eyes; I could tell she was in as much pain emotionally as I were physically.

          Logan – the cocky prick – deciding that he’d already won the battle, sauntered over to Riley and hooked his arm over her shoulders, whispering what I supposed were sweet nothings – judging by her burning cheeks – into her ear.

          Just then, Logan began caressing Riley’s cheek and stroking her flank. That’s when I lost it.

          I launched myself at Logan and toppled him over, luckily not taking Riley with us. I now had Logan pinned and repeatedly decked him until my knuckles bled.

          I rose from his bloody body, staring down at the red liquid oozing out of his wounds. Once again, gasps arose from the throng. Murmurs like ‘oh my god’, ‘he killed him’ and ‘is he dead?’ came apparent.

          Turning to look at Riley, I could see the hurt in her eyes, hear the choke in her stutterous sobs – she looked utterly heartbroken.

          “Riley?” I asked aloud. At that, she bolted from the school grounds.

          “Looks like your girlfriend bailed on you, Coleman,” came Logan’s voice from below. As I peered down, I noticed that he had a few teeth missing and that scar on his face was seeping blood.

          “She isn’t my girlfriend,” I said through gritted teeth, losing my temper once more.

          “Oh?” I could hear the inward laughter through the toothless grin plastered on Logan’s face. “Then I suppose you wouldn’t mind me taking her for myself.” Pow! He was unconscious. Properly this time. The force of that hit totally knocked him out! Cheers erupted in the crowd.

          At the moment, I got glomped from behind with an immense force.

          “Way to go, Bren!” came the all too familiar cheer of my player brother. “You totally kicked that prick’s ass!”

          “It’s nothing to be proud of, Taylor,” I admitted. I promised my dad earlier in that year that I wouldn’t get involved in any more conflict. Now I have to return home with bruises all over my body.

          I straightened the tie of my uniform, picked up my bag and walked to the bus-stop, leaving Logan’s body behind. Taylor didn’t release me – resulting in me dragging him on my back – until we reached the stop.

          “Why did you beat up that guy anyway?” he asked me, leaning against the shelter.

          “I was protecting someone,” I replied absentmindedly, staring at the shop opposite the road.

          “And who is this someone?” I could hear the grin on Taylor’s lips. “Is she fit?”

          “Do you always think about looks?” I snapped. “Riley is just a friend to me, okay?” By the quizzical expression etched onto my brother’s face, I knew he knew I was right. But also there was annoyance laced into his features.

          Without saying another word, he stood forward and held out his hand to signal the bus to stop. As we clambered onto the red double-decker, Taylor muttered, “I didn’t say anything about Riley.”

          “What’s this I hear about Riley?” came a voice from behind. Turning around, I noticed a girl – with equal hair colour to Riley’s – staring up at me and my idiot brother.

          “Do you know her?” I asked, walking down the aisle to take a window seat.

          “Do you?” I heard her reply. She stole the seat next to me, leaving Taylor pouting and sitting behind us.

          “I wouldn’t say her name otherwise, would I?” I said, more aggressive than I meant it to.

          “I’m Emily. I’ve seen you around school, Mr Captain.” She nudged me in the arm playfully, and rather annoyingly. “Heard you’re a big hit with the ladies.”

          “I think you’re mistaking me for the moron,” I said, jerking my thumb behind me to Taylor.

          “’sup?” He attempted to flirt with this Emily girl. Needless to say, he failed miserably, receiving a look of total bewilderment.

          “So, Brendon,” Emily said, turning back to me, ignoring Taylor. “Got a girlfriend?” Taylor let out a cold laugh at this.

          “In his dreams, maybe!”

          I shot him a lethal glare and he immediately stopped his cackling. He sank back in his seat.

          “No, I don’t have a girlfriend. And I’m not interested either,” I added quickly. Although I got asked out like million times a day, I wasn’t interested in anyone myself. Nobody really perked my curiosity.

          “Perfect!” Emily proclaimed. I gave her a slow, questioning look, causing her to howl with laughter. “I don’t wanna go out with you, idiot!” She punched my arm playfully, but it still hurt.

          “Then why ask?” I said, rubbing where Emily had hit.

          “No reason. Ooh, this is my stop!” She gave both me and Taylor a hug before running off the bus. She waved at us, with a wide grin, as the bus sped off once again. My brother and I reluctantly waved back.

          “I like her,” Taylor commented as soon as Emily was out of sight.

          “You say that about every girl you meet, goofnut,” I said as I looked back out the window, waiting for our stop to approach.


“Father, we’re home!” Taylor exclaimed as she burst through the front door of our home. I followed behind him, scowling at his immaturity. Even though we’re twins, he acts so much younger than I do – at least ten years or so.

          “Good evening, father,” I said, keeping the scowl on my face.

          “I’m afraid your father is out at the moment.” That was Felicia – the stepmother – calling from the kitchen. She’s okay and everything, but I got the feeling she was trying to replace my biological mum. And I miss her, my mum. Tay and I hardly got the chance to see her since she moved to Nottingham.

          The worst thing about Felicia was that she was eight months pregnant.

          “Where is he then?” I asked, kicking off my school shoes and hanging up my jacket.

          “Why do you have to accuse me of everything?” Felicia suddenly broke down crying. I stood there blinking, utterly confused, as the horrid sobbing rang throughout the mews house.

          Taylor barged passed me into the kitchen and embraced Felicia, holding her close and rubbing her back in a soothing motion, muttering, “it’s okay, mother. I’ve got you.”

          Rolling my eyes, I trudged up the stairs and flopped on my bed. Me and Taylor share a bedroom. Father made us bunk together ever since he found out about Felicia’s pregnancy. If I had a choice, I would’ve moved out then and there, but I couldn’t leave Taylor alone like that.

          After approximately half an hour, the tears from stepmother dried as soon as father came home. He beckoned me down to have dinner with the rest of the family, but I quickly refused. I needed time to be alone.

          The day eventually came to a close. I was snugly settled in bed, wrapped up warm in my covers about was about to drift off into a deep slumber...when I received a text.

          Groaning in annoyance, I unlocked my Blackberry Z10 and strained my eyes to read the text. It read:


Ur ded Coleman! ill c u @ the front g8s of skool tmrw. gd luk


          The number was blocked.

Opposites Attract Chapter 2 - Meeting Emily
yay~ here's the second chapter!! I'm already starting to write the third (which it new for me). hope you enjoy this, and please, no hate comment 

And remember - #DylanLovesYou
Usui Takumi by Pokemon10101
Usui Takumi
i got really bored so i decided to draw again. If you dunno who this guy is, he's the guy from Kaichou wa Maid-sama. it's a must watch for any Otaku!!
Okai, so I just watched this movie 'Under the Skin'. It was interesting....
To be honest, the only reason I watched it was because my sister said Scarlett Johansson was naked in it. And, boy, was she right!
But seriously tho, this film confused me. But I'm glad I hung in 'til the end. They filmed it in Scotland, which I thought was quite interesting in itself, cuz (if you know the UK) shit will go down.
Although this movie confused the poop outta me and my nose is bleeding, it's worth the watch. Just...stay 'til the end, your mind will most likely blow.
#WARNING - there is nudity. Like...tits, arse, pussies and erect penises. Also, there is sex and rape seen....
But still, a REALLY cool, fucked up movie!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: Punk/rock
Favourite word: Awesome
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Favourite song: You Can Find Me - Jess Glynne
Favourite cartoon/Anime character: Sunset Shimmer
Favourite book character - Dylan Fox
Favourite Pairing: BeChloe - Beca and Chloe (Pitch Perfect)
Personal Quote: don't hate, bae
No#1 guy crush - atm...Chris Evans. that sexy Captain America
No#1 girl crush - it will ALWAYS be Anna Kendrick

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